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Week 23 – Gratitude

Well this is our second to last week of the MKMMA course. It has been an absolutely life transforming course! I’m truly grateful for the hard work, time, and love that Mark J and the staff have placed into us as students and the course. Especially for the scholarships they have awarded.

As I talk about how grateful I am it makes me reflect on our studies of GRATITUDE! Gratitude is vital for your connection with the universe. Here are some of the exercises and readings that we have conducted to explain the reason behind this connection…

1. Law of giving and receiving index card

2. Gratitude cards

3. Emerson- Law of Compensation

4. Haanel- The Master Key System

5. Franklin Makeover- Kindness Week

6. Og Mandino- Various scrolls touch on this…

7. Wallace D. Wattles- The science of getting rich

These exercises and reading were given to us at various times throughout the course to bombard our subconscious through various angles.  On a personal note these have made me very observant to this practice of being grateful. One thing that has impacted me tremendously is the Law of  Giving & Receiving. The law states that we need to be in dynamic flow of giving and receiving and when we do not accept one or  the other we block this flow.

Example… I would sometimes tell a person that they did not have to do a certain something or give a specific gift. When someone did I would say awe thank-you but you did not need to do that.

In the example I am blocking the flow of receiving for myself and blocking the flow of giving from the other person. In all truth the person knows that they did not have to do a certain something, because if they did not want to then the wouldn’t of done it. I had to grasp this concept at first, but it has made a tremendous impact in my life as a person receiving gift and I accept with open arms and warm smile the giver feels much better than when I would try and deny the gift. The energy is stronger during the transaction and harmony is in full swing. I love it!

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Week 10 – I Will Persist Until I Succeed

The title for this weeks entry comes from scroll III of the magnificent book “The Greatest Salesman In the World by Og Mandino.”  I knew that this scroll would charge me with lots of emotion as this line “I will persist until I succeed” is the first line of the book contained in the forward. I was supercharged to dive into the book after reading the excerpt.

We have just embarked on our second trimester of the MKMMA course. As a class and mastermind group we are at the point of no return. We will persist until we succeed to the finding of our BLISS and new mental blueprint! I firmly believe that anyone in the course up to this point has subconscious made the decision that they will cross the finish line in March. However, I have noticed in our community area that many people have expressed tremendous epiphany’s in their development to their new self, but at the same time the old blueprint and unwanted peptides are putting up a tremendous battle. Myself included with this struggle. I have been stead fast in my exercise, but have been observant to the old blueprint attempting to slow or stop my growth. The one area I had slipped was with my index cards, so last night I met with my MKMMA accountability partner and dear friend and we sat down constructed update cards. Our cards are now up to date and everything on the cards is in harmony and ready for action. Various members have had similar slips or bumps and may have lost a small battle like myself. However, just because a battle may have been lost doesn’t mean that the war was lost! Right and I think I speak for everyone in the course that we all have one more battles than ones lost through our journey of the MKMMA journey! gladiatior

Haanel talks repeatedly about the fact that our new bliss will not fall from the sky or magically appear, but through persistent and consistence hard mental labor we will succeed and become a complete circuit in the flow of the universe.

Eric Thomas Talks about the resilience and how to knockout the old peptides/ blueprint!

Awesome & Powerful Clip!

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