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Week 19- The Science Behind MKMMA

To all my fellow MKMMA classmates you already know the science behind the Master Key Teachings, but I find it to be so fascinating that I wanted to share it with anyone who is considering the MKMMA course in the future. Over our 19 week journey through the MKMMA materials our teachers/mentors/friends have methodically shared scientific proof with us on why they do what they do and how there is a reason behind the madness…lol.

What I have outlined is a series of videos that will walk you through the scientific findings and dismiss any doubt you may have had regarding the science behind our materials. I will say that it we take sometime to watch all the video, but feel free to come and watch as you can if unable to view them all at once. When viewing the video for the first time make sure to watch them in order.

If you are a true student of the subject you will find great value in each video and will have no doubt regarding the scientific evidence that you already posses the tools to obtain any desire you may have.


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Week 10 – I Will Persist Until I Succeed

The title for this weeks entry comes from scroll III of the magnificent book “The Greatest Salesman In the World by Og Mandino.”  I knew that this scroll would charge me with lots of emotion as this line “I will persist until I succeed” is the first line of the book contained in the forward. I was supercharged to dive into the book after reading the excerpt.

We have just embarked on our second trimester of the MKMMA course. As a class and mastermind group we are at the point of no return. We will persist until we succeed to the finding of our BLISS and new mental blueprint! I firmly believe that anyone in the course up to this point has subconscious made the decision that they will cross the finish line in March. However, I have noticed in our community area that many people have expressed tremendous epiphany’s in their development to their new self, but at the same time the old blueprint and unwanted peptides are putting up a tremendous battle. Myself included with this struggle. I have been stead fast in my exercise, but have been observant to the old blueprint attempting to slow or stop my growth. The one area I had slipped was with my index cards, so last night I met with my MKMMA accountability partner and dear friend and we sat down constructed update cards. Our cards are now up to date and everything on the cards is in harmony and ready for action. Various members have had similar slips or bumps and may have lost a small battle like myself. However, just because a battle may have been lost doesn’t mean that the war was lost! Right and I think I speak for everyone in the course that we all have one more battles than ones lost through our journey of the MKMMA journey! gladiatior

Haanel talks repeatedly about the fact that our new bliss will not fall from the sky or magically appear, but through persistent and consistence hard mental labor we will succeed and become a complete circuit in the flow of the universe.

Eric Thomas Talks about the resilience and how to knockout the old peptides/ blueprint!

Awesome & Powerful Clip!

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Week 6- Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision…I feel now a days in the American Society when someone says “tunnel vision” most people take it in a negative manner and assume that the person is not open minded to other ideas. I think most people in the states would agree with that statement, however I can not speak for other countries, but I am sure that there is a few that can relate to similar thoughts when it comes to the term.  In the United States we have become to be conditioned to the idea that multitasking is an art and if you get good at you can be paid handsomely for it,  People will talk about how great your skill set is. as a multitask-er. However, this is not necessarily best as we have talked about in previous weeks post; multitasking is a form of scattered thought and scatter thought does not allow you to devote your full effort on the object or task at hand.

Part six of Haanel’s “Master Key System” talks about how tunnel vision is actually one of the most valuable assets you can have and can use to achieve/ manifest amazing things when able to apply its principle. Now to most people this sounds extremely absurd at first, but once examining the claims it makes great points to the theory. The overview of the claim states that if you can pin point your focus on your objective and stay tuned into it the subconscious will go to work twenty-four seven to create through universal law objective you, so much desire. For those in the MKMMA course this would be our DMP. Hannel has us focusing on a photograph and examining it with a magnifying glass  to pick up on all the details from the most obvious to the most subtle. Once you can vision every detail and then re-imagine it later without the photograph in hand you are opening your channels for your mind to put into action a plan to obtain the objective, because the mind works in pictures. As our mentor Mark J states “once you can get the mind to think in pictures its game over.” Picture a football linebacker zeroing in on the quarterback for a sack or big hit. Use of the term zeroing in I think most people get a different feeling then from the term tunnel vision, such as laser focused. I find it extremely interesting how subtle changes in terms completely change our perspective. But, then again many of us already know this from our MLM business the use of skills that many of us learned or mastered through the go90grow course Mark J and the team. The part six exercise is preparing the soil for sowing of the seed. Next week we will start the sowing!


ET…Talks About Focus

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