Transcript of Ignite Message of the Month: Presidential Director Brian Lucia &  Executive Director Josh Pfautz

February 29, 2015

Beach Resort: Galveston, Texas

Brain Lucia: Hi, I am Presidential Director Brian Lucia and I am blessed to be bringing you the Ignite message of the month once again! This is our February 2015 issue. In case many of you don’t know each and every month we provide a message of the month from Ignite that is jam packed with everything Ignite from Q&A’s, trainings, and my personal favorites Interviews from the Best of Ignite! We are going to add a spin to the interview portion of the Ignite monthly message in the terms that we are going to be doing a series of interviews with one of our most powerful and impact-full leaders we have to capture his full story and his amazing journey! I don’t know about you, but I am excited especially since many of you know we have never done a series before!

Our interview series is with one of our youngest success stories! He is a true leader and embodies everything the Ignite culture symbolizes! He is a Power of Leadership & Rising Star award winner. I would bet a residual check that he will earn every award that Ignite & Stream Energy has in the near future! To top it all off he is an Executive Director & Top 25 income earner with the firm! He is well on his way to Presidential Director!

He hails from the great state of Pennsylvania which was our third state of operation in our short history.  He is 28 years old and just an absolute joy. I am once again honored to introduce you to someone I cherish as business partner, dear friend, and most importantly good person…Executive Director…Joshua Pfautz!

Josh Pfautz: Brian, thank-you for heart felt introduction. You totally out did yourself! I am truly honored to be your guest and I have dreamed of this day since the first time I heard you on the Ignite Message of Month. I have to say I didn’t know when this day would come, but I knew it would and here we are enjoying this beautiful winter day on the beaches of Galveston, Texas.  “Tears” Pardon…me Brian for my emotions, but the feeling is just overwhelming  thinking about how we got here!

Brian Lucia: No worries, Josh enjoy the moment because they are truly precious.

Josh Pfautz: “Lol” I remember when you teared up when given the honor of being named Presidential Director.

Brian Lucia: “Lol” I sure did. Lets get back to talking about you before we end up with PD tear fest and not an interview…ha-ha…okay.

Josh Pfautz: No problem Brian.

Brian Lucia: Now what I would like to do is kind of outline this series for the listeners quick. My thoughts are is first…. we will start life before Ignite. Second… The first year in Ignite. Third…the road from Senior Director to Executive Director. Forth…life outside of Ignite and enjoying the success. How does that sound to you Josh?

Josh Pfautz: Sounds fantastic to me Brian and I am ready to get started!

Part 1: Life before Ignite

Brian Lucia: Josh tell me and the listeners about where you come from and the few years before Ignite came into your life.

Aunt Kristen

Aunt Kristen

Josh Pfautz: Oh wow where to start…(lol) Brian. Okay let give you a quick snapshot. I am from a small town called Duncannon, Pennsylvania which is right outside of the capital of Harrisburg, Pa. It is a small rural country town and where my mother grew up with her three sisters. My father is a native of the Bahamas and still lives there today. My parents met and dated as my mother worked there for a few years setting up spa’s in resorts. My parents never married, because my father was never going to move to the cold and my mother never to island and catch island fever…lol. Plus they wanted to make sure I was born a U.S. citizen. Therefor as I grew up I spent a lot of time with my grandparents and my mothers youngest sister Kristen. My Aunt Kristen had a tremendous impact in my life and still does to this day. My mother eventually married and moved around  a lot when I was young. Eventually we returned to Pennsylvania when my mother got divorce and grandmother passed away to be closer to family and spend time with my grandfather. Ah…I was in second grade at this time. I spent the rest of my time growing up in the Central Pennsylvania area. Overall I had good childhood and a great family.

Once I finished high school I headed off to college. I ended up graduating from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors of Science in Hospitality & Service Management. After graduation I took a job as a general manager of a restaurant while attending graduate school when I  received a call from my Sigma Chi fraternity brother about how he just went into business with some people I had the up most respect for from the Harrisburg area. That was the line that hooked me, because I knew these people and if they were in there was money to be made. I never seen the business presentation and in fact I am not even on their team! That was the day I  joined the direct selling world and embarked on my journey of financial freedom and personal growth! I did not looked back and the ride has been amazing thus far and I look eagerly to future!

Brian Lucia: Wow, Josh what a snapshot and I am sure we could do an entire series on this part alone.

Josh Pfautz: “Lol” you are not kidding Brian. I have stories for days and could talk forever about them…”lol.”

Brian Lucia: Well listeners and the entire Ignite community. I think you all can agree we are in for a treat as we say goodbye till next time. I am sure you will be eagerly awaiting next months message just as much as me as we continue our series with Executive Director Josh Pfautz!

Any final words Josh for the listeners…?

Josh Pfautz: First of all thanks for the opportunity Brian for being on the message of the month. I am truly honored! For the listeners…Develop skills and that will develop income!

Part 2: The First Year In Ignite

Brian Lucia: Welcome back listeners and the entire Ignite Community! I am Presidential Director Brian Lucia and I am back with Top 25 Income Earner & Executive Director Josh Pfautz for our 4 part series. We are going to get right into and we will be covering Josh’s first year in Ignite.

Welcome Back Josh!

Josh Pfautz: Hi Brian! Its good to be back and how are all the listeners out there today?!

Brian Lucia: Josh its great to have you back. I told the listeners that we are going to jump right into this month and cover your first year in Ignite.

Josh Pfautz: I am ready to go Brian! The first year was a wild ride! Like I stated in the last segment I was attending graduate school when I was introduced to Ignite. However, the school was located in Western Pennsylvania where we did not operate at the time.  I was sponsored by fraternity brother over the phone and a few days later his dad came to town to talk to me. I will say at the time I did not see the significance at the time of our conversations, but it had tremendous impact on my Ignite Career! I was from an area where we did do business, but was unable to switch my apartment there, because I lived in a co-op. At the time I didn’t understand what a co-op was, but I told him if he triggered my first bonus check with the firm that I would then go to work. Everybody knows the saying the rest was history!

But, I will continue with the Once I received that belief check I called everyone I could think of and just vomited all over them with the business! I was what we call ignorance on fire! I didn’t know that skills where involved in this business and didn’t see any reason why everyone wouldn’t sign up! Some did and some didn’t, but enough did that I promoted to the first position in the company  around sixty days. I did not know all the ins and outs of the business at the time. The money was flowing in and I decided to leave graduate school and move back to the Harrisburg area, because I saw an opportunity to earn income and spend time with my family and little brother!

Then it happened the business slowed down and so did the checks! I had my first ah-ha moment and realized that if I want more checks I had to do more professional work until I had such an enormous team with like minded people who would go make it happen for them!  This is when I started to study the business with the help of my sponsors dad and some of soon to be mentors I established relationships with at the local meetings.

I took some time off from taking action in my business. Then one night I was at the local meeting and the light bulb went off when I kept seeing the same few people being recognized for the next leadership position.  I mentally told myself ENOUGH, ENOUGH, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I decided right then and there that I was going back to work and I did! Once I did I promoted to the next position within 90 days!

Brian LuciaWow Josh! Just like so many of our other success stories your is just as trilling! I noticed that you had hit some road blocks right at the being of your business, but did not let that affect your mindset and slow you down!

Josh PfautzYes! Thats for sure, but I knew coming from a family run company that any business encounters road blocks if they want to experience growth!

Brian Lucia: Very true Josh. I think that is a valuable point for the listeners espcially the ones who have not been exposed to owning their own business prior to ignite. We know the saying if you treat it like a business it will pay like one and if we treated like a hobby it will pay like one also. 

Well we are just about out of time for this segment of our four part series. Josh did you have any final words for the listeners as we conclude the third segment.

Josh Pfautz: Well, first thanks again for this opportunity Brian and for the listeners…“The only true road blocks you will encounter, will be the ones that come between your two ears.”

Brian Lucia: What a fabulous statement to end on and goodbye to the entire Ignite world we will see you back next month for our final segment with Executive Director Josh Pfautz!

Part 3: The road from Senior Director To Executive Director:

Brian Lucia: Welcome back listeners and thanks for joining me for our third segment with Executive Director Josh Pfautz! This segment we will be covering Josh’s road from Senior Director to Executive Director. We will cover the ups and downs and most importantly the success moments.

Josh will you first talk about your first few months after promoting to Senior Director and then expand form the there?

Josh Pfautz: Absolutely Brian! After I had promoted to Senior Director we only had a week or two until Ignition 2012.  This is ware I made some big mistake in the sense I let off the gas once I promoted. Everybody know the saying when your hot your hot and boy was I HOT! Lol then I was cold and real cold..haha! I ended up sponsoring  seven people my first two weeks as a Senior Director and then another five the rest of the year. They all were duds!

I got a little burned out and just focused on my personal growth and my current downline in other codes. It was a much need break, but I am not telling people to take a break its just how the journey went for me. I did stay plugged in to the meetings and what was going on. Then the Super Saturday that took place at the end of 2013 spurred the growth for my Senior Director Brian Hickey to promote to Executive Director!Thirty days before Ignition of 2014 I hit the gas again and that propelled my growth to Executive Director. 2014 Ignition we were able to experience the event from the angel of being an Executive Director and I wanted it bad for myself. Not to mention the company refocused its direction and armed the army for massive growth!

Let me note that my personal development played a key role in preparation for the journey to the top and all aspects of my life. I began to take full responsibility for my life and once I developed the world within the world without came into full circle and abundance and prosperity flowed to me from everywhere as I was in dynamic flow of giving receiving.

Brian Lucia: Wow Josh, anther fantastic segment . I think that is all that needs to be said till next time. So goodbye and to entire Ignite community we will see you next month for our final segment!

Part 4 Life Outside of Ignite:

Brian Lucia: Welcome back everyone for our final segment with Executive Director Josh Pfautz. This month I am sure everyone by now knows what the final segment is going to be, but in case you don’t it is Life Outside of Ignite…

Josh I think you can take it from here…

Josh Pfautz: Sure Brian not a problem. I am going to keep this one short and sweet. I sure everyone listening has heard of the book By Napoleon Hill called Think and Grow Rich and if not I highly recommend getting it asap. Anyway in his book Hill talk about burning desire he calls a DMP aka Definite Major Purpose. What I am going to do is just read you a part of my DMP and let me note now that everything you will hear has come true…

achieved my ultimate desires of being fully LIBERATED prior to the age 35 BY
having the FINICIAL MEANS to come and go as I please! Prior
to FEBRUARY 1st 2014 I carry over a $1000 cash with
MEASURE!  Being a Executive Director by FEBRUARY 21, 2015 and
TOP 50 INCOME EARNER with my firm has many REWARDS alongside the FINANCIAL
WEEKLY BONUS CHECKS.  I am truly blessed to be able to experience the
have been BLESSED with I have bought into of my families company my grandfather
had started years ago. I am business LEGEND and CONTINUE THE FAMILY
LEGACY OF cunning businessmen, community philanthropist, AND LEAVING A FINCIAL FOUNDATION.
Before AUGUST 1ST 2015 I travel around the world 3 to
4 times a year now to various countries and continents WITH MY BEAUTFUL GIRL.
WE first went to visit my mother in California and then my father in the
OF THE WORLD stopping to give back to the locals monetarily and providing
inspiration! Financially I can do and have whatever I desire! The FEELING
OF FREEDOM!  I thrive on, embrace and accept only positive
thoughts about myself and others. I responsibly and eagerly accept
responsibility for my endeavors, knowing that they must lead to success. I
happily replace old habits with new and productive ones. I am free now and full of energy and enjoying
every moment of life as I have created the life of my dreams!

The End


6 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE

  1. Congratulations, what an honor! You Rock!

  2. Great job!! You’re a man on a mission … also enjoyed reading about your background.

  3. Nice interview. Can’t wait for the rest of the series.

  4. Congrats Brian! The essence of Never Give UP and to Keep Going…

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