Week 22 A – The Abyss

This week has been a week of reflection and deep concentrated thought of what lies ahead. In the past weeks we have touch on how we have become trained observers and self directed thinkers. As I have traveled through the course in terms of hero’s journey and just like many of my classmates we are now in the stage were we will soon leave our mentors behind and enter the unknown as we are now fearless and confident beyond measure!  We have shed the old blueprint and established a new and concrete to conquer self.

I have heard the quote before “silence is golden” but, I did not truly understand the meaning until this week. We were instructed to take time to ourselves and enter deep and complete silence. The silence is were you truly tap into the inner self, omnipotence, and enter the flow of universal law. Until you attempt to enter complete silence you will never know how valuable it is and the gifts it will provided. The silence will add value to all aspects of your life!

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3 thoughts on “Week 22 A – The Abyss

  1. John,

    As I watched this little clip it caused me to think about how I have personally changed in the last couple of years.Everything the guest in the interview stated have happened to me as a result of meditation. It is truly amazing how you can change yourself.

    Thanks for the post. I thoroughly enjoyed the clip.


  2. Going out into that abyss is something I feared not very far into the course. I started to realize how much I was changing, but didn’t realize how much control I would have over that change and what had changed. It is all inside… and we can only get there if we leave all of the commotion of the outside world and be silent.

  3. 15 Minutes a day is all you need! Great study…long term impact can be awesome!

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