Week 16 – The week of kindness

This week through our MKMMA journey we collectively as a class had to be a observer and giver of kindness. The could be from multiple avenues such as people holding door for each other, friendly drivers, and so on. I had noticed kindness before more than most, but during this week it had became intensified.  The world is so full of kindness, but I think most people take it for granted or are just not observant to the acts. Now make sure that you caught the fact that I said most and not all people. In our alliances chat area I have read about wonderful examples of people spreading kindness throughout the world. Here are some of the awesome examples…people letting people go ahead of the in the grocery line, friends providing networking alliances, people secretly taking the neighbors trash out to the curb, people making peoples jobs easier at work by taking carts back to the stores or fixing the sugar packets at the tables. These are small ones but have major ripple effects throughout peoples lives. Some bigger examples are…people buying random tables meals, giving away birthday gifts, helping friends at the drop of a hat for all kinds of acts kindness. One that I really like was when a lady dropped off a bag a cat food on the door step of an elderly lady house. I found that to be just awesome!

What random act of kindness can you contribute because it has ripple and you never know when you may be the receiver…

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5 thoughts on “Week 16 – The week of kindness

  1. Great post! Humans are by Nature kind. Being kind is our TRUE nature. 🙂

  2. The Kindness week was alot of fun. Great Energy came from it.

  3. Josh, it is truly awesome that you recognized all the acts of kindness during this last week. It’s amazing what we can see when we look for good things.

    Keep up the awesome work and make it an awesome day!

  4. Josh, you are truly an observer! I see you growing everyday, continue being the observer and your dreams will come to you! Great post!

  5. Lots of good energy, it really is all around us.

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